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Stay Connected ; Supporting Vulnerable Adults in Self-Isolation

In response to the recent closure of leisure facilities, Sport For Confidence has re-deployed its entire staff team of occupational therapists and sports coaches to deliver a specialist ‘at home’ service to support  thousands of vulnerable adults through isolation imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
We’re also running LIVE Sport for Confidence activities on ZOOM.
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Here at Meaningful Lives we are thrilled to have funded a new service to help vulnerable adults stay physically and mentally active during the COVID-19 outbreak.The Stay Connected programme is being delivered through Essex-based Sport For Confidence and it‘s now live.Individuals with learning disabilities, autism and physical impairment will receive specialist home workout videos by sports coaches and occupational therapists who follow Royal College of Occupational Therapists guidelines for those currently in isolation. Along with this telephone support, the group will be sharing inspirational sessions and other exercise tips on social media.All existing users of the service will get tailored workouts, along with new referrals from Essex County CouncilHere is Lyndsey Barrett, co-founder of Sport For Confidence, talking about the new service backed by ECC.

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What support can I access through Stay Connected?

Stay Connected will offer each and every participant a weekly, highly personalised telephone support call from one of the eight Sport For Confidence occupational therapists. For Sport For Confidence participants, the call will take place during a time they would usually be attending a group at the leisure centre. This maintains a degree of familiarity and routine. Those referred via Essex County Council will agree a weekly time slot directly with a Sport For Confidence staff member.


What advice will I be given?

Calls will give guidance aligned to that provided by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists relating to social distancing and the occupational disruption experienced during this time. Topics covered will include: how to establish a daily routine; the importance of self-care, healthy eating rest and physical activity; goal setting and alternative ways to engage with family, friends and neighbours. The specialist telephone support service is backed up by the provision of information, advice, video workouts and signposting to other support services.

The Sport For Confidence team will not offer any medical advice relating to the Coronavirus. For information relating to this, participants will be directed to call 111.


How can I access support through Stay Connected?

Stay Connected can be access by current Sport For Confidence participants and carers, via their regular Health Professional. If they have not heard from them, then get in touch via stayconnected@sportforconfidence.com. Stay Connected can also be accessed by those who are referred by Essex County Council.

For more information, click here to view the full news article about Stay Connected.

Home Exercise Video Library

The Stay Connected team have put together lots of videos to support you to stay active during lockdown. Click the links below to take you through to watch the full videos on YouTube.

Seated Exercise:

Home Exercise Circuits:

Sport at Home: