Spotlight on our Workshops!

CPD Workshop for Coaches

Physical Activity and Life Skill development.

This workshop introduces how specialist healthcare professionals can mentor, train and support coaches to adapt their behaviour and professional practice to become more inclusive, accessible and client focused. The workshop identifies the ways in which Sport for Confidence has supported coaches to learn from other professions; identify and amplify unique practice; deliver outcomes across public health / social work; and design cutting edge professional development opportunities for all those helping make sport and physical activity happen at a local level.

Here are some of the learning objectives:

• To consider the concept of occupational performance in your coaching practice;

• Understand the meaning of ‘reasonable adjustments’ and impact on participation

• To be able to confidently communicate inclusively before, during and after training

• To be able to identify ways in which you can make your behaviours and delivery style more inclusive

To see the rest of these outcomes and more information on the workshop click here Physical Activity and Life Skill Development.


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