What’s involved in our workshop for carers?

At Sport for Confidence we experience first-hand the invaluable work that carer’s do in supporting people they care for to be more active. However, we are also aware that a caring role can construct significant challenges when it comes to carers themselves maintaining an active lifestyle. Therefore, after a successful pilot, we would now like to extend the scope of our work to include the needs of carers in the Southend Borough.

We have an established commissioning relationship with Essex County Council and our intention for the workshop is to work collaboratively with carers to empower them to maintain a balance between their caring responsibilities and a life outside caring. The free 2 hour workshop will focus on exploring and enabling participation in sport and physical activity for carers themselves, with particular attention paid to the everyday experiences, barriers, and enablers that are encountered when their lifestyle is shaped by having a caring role. The primary aim of the workshop will be to enhance the lifestyle, physical activity levels, and ultimately health, of the carers.

Increasing participation in sport and physical activity is known to achieve a range of outcomes including, improving physical fitness, promoting emotional well-being, and enhancing social bonds. The workshop will utilise physical activity as a therapeutic vehicle through which carers can achieve a better balance in activity participation; enhance their health; and also develop their social networks. Therefore, it is hoped the workshop will help carers and their families to maintain independence, physical and emotional well-being.

The workshop will be planned and led by occupational therapists from the Sport for Confidence Team, a health profession that focuses on the transactional relationship between people’s health and well-being, and what they do. It will be interactive and experiential, and therefore include the opportunity to map community resources and try out some sporting activities.

For more information or to book a place on the workshop please contact Lucy Goldup (Occupational Therapist) at Lucy@sportforconfidence.com.

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