SFC Launch Coaching Practice Placements

Are you a coach interested in the wider impact of sport on life skill development and inclusive sport?

Completing a practice placement with us will provide an opportunity to experience coaching and learning alongside a health professional. This will increase your confidence in adopting a ‘whole person’ approach to the real impact of sport and physical activity on physical health, mental health and wellbeing – enabling people to achieve their full potential.

What is a coaching practice placement?

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A coaching practice placement will provide you with a personalised and tailored programme of learning, which would enable you to develop your understanding, experience and skills in holistic coaching, inclusive and accessible sport provision and ultimately enabling ‘sport for all’.

To support your learning journey, you will be mentored by a named Sport for Confidence health professional for 40 hours of dynamic and innovative learning.

This time would include:

  • Attendance/observations at Sport for Confidence sessions.
  • Access to a suite of tailored experiential modules.
  • Reflective practice over the phone and Skype.
  • Peer support sessions.
  • Tailored experiences, resources and bespoke support materials including a personalised portfolio.

You are guaranteed unique insight into the Sport for Confidence model and an ability to view sport and physical activity through an alternative professional lens. The placement can take place in venues across Essex and hours will be flexible to try and accommodate current work and coaching commitments.

Who can apply?

  • Coaches, instructors, activators and volunteers working across any sport and physical activity programme within Essex.
  • Anyone contemplating starting their coaching journey. • Coaches open-minded and willing to learn through reflective practice, mentoring and supervision.
  • Individuals committed to removing barriers for people to participate in physical activity and delivering better coaching experiences for all.

Please contact Sophie Garratt, Occupational Therapist sophie@sportforconfidence.com or call 07394 564941. You’ll be required to fill in one of these placement sign-up forms.

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