Consultancy (OLD)

We undertake a range of consultancy work with and on behalf of various organisations.  Below are some recent examples.  Please do contact us on info@sportforconfidence.com to discuss your requirements if you feel we could be of assistance to your organisation.

Southend Carers (Autumn 2018) – We have been commissioned by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council to design and deliver 10 workshops to support carers to become more physically active in their local community. These workshops are now live and ready to book, so contact lucy@sportforconfidence.com for more information, read the full press release or read Lucy’s article that describes what the workshops involve.

Essex Local Delivery Pilot (Autumn 2017 – ongoing) – Sport for Confidence played an integral role in delivering the Local Delivery Pilot application as part of the Essex consortium. Key SfC personnel hosted various activities as part of the broader Sport England visit and will play an integral role in the Basildon profile, as well as being introduced to the other two localities which formed part of the overall bid.

Boccia England (Spring 2018) – We produced a joint publication with Boccia England last year – entitled ‘Using Boccia as an Assessment and Intervention Tool: An Evidence-Based Guide for Occupational Therapy Practice’.  The publication was endorsed by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.  Boccia England have recently commissioned us to do a further piece of working relating to outcome measurement.

People First Lambeth (ongoing) – We have recently completed a collaborative piece of work with this organisation, which is run by and for people with a learning disability. The work was funded by the Royal College of Occupational Therapists for the purpose of formalising service user involvement in Sport for Confidence.