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We consult and collaborate with organisations such as local councils, national governing bodies of sport, universities, health trusts, Sport England, charities, leisure providers and many more. We are an innovative and passionate whole system approach model to ensuring sport and physical activity is made fun and accessible to all, our dynamic staff team are here to offer bespoke packages to support you on your journey to inclusion.

Services we offer include:


See below some examples of the consultancy work we have undertaken in recent years.


Young Carers Stress and Anxiety Workshops

This 6 week programme is led by an Occupational Therapist from Sport for Confidence, working jointly with a qualified coach.  The programme provides young carers with the opportunity to identify and understand stress and anxiety, and learn simple/concrete techniques to manage this, using sport as a vehicle. The life skills learnt can be transferred to daily life, having a positive impact on their health and well-being.

Current workshops have been focussed on young carers aged 6 – 17, and has been funded by Carers Choice and Essex County Council. All workhops are bespoke.

Aims and Objectives

  1. For the young carers to learn techniques to help manage stress/anxiety using sport/physical activity as a vehicle.
  2. To provide the young carers the opportunity to increase their participation in sport, consequently having a positive impact on their health and well-being.
  3. Understanding the positive impact of sport/physical activity on the body during times of anxiety/stress.
  4. To increase self-confidence and overall self-esteem, encouraging the young carers to take control of their stress/anxiety.
  5. Group facilitators to use simple, concrete activities to enable the young carers to express and share their feelings within a safe, therapeutic group environment.

Carers Workshops: Southend-on-Sea Borough Council (Autumn 2018).

We were commissioned to design and deliver ten workshops to support carers to become more physically active in their local community.

The 2-hour free workshops sought to work collaboratively with carers to empower them to maintain a balance between their caring responsibilities and a life outside caring. It focussed on exploring and enabling participation in sport and physical activity for carers themselves, with particular attention paid to the everyday experiences, barriers, and enablers that are encountered when their lifestyle is shaped by having a caring role. The primary aim of the workshop was to enhance the lifestyle, physical activity levels, and ultimately health, of the carers.

Read Occupational Therapist Lucy’s article that describes what the workshops involved.


QPG Community Hub

In June 2019 SfC and QPG Community Hub teamed up to provide a ten week social skills programme to children between the ages of 6 and 12.  Approximately 13 children attended each week with an overall of 130 interactions.

The programme included ten weeks of physical activity sessions which focused on educating children around the importance of inclusion and developing skills such as self-awareness, empathy and team work.

The children got to learn new skills through engaging in new activities such as Boccia, Dodgeballs and Volleyball. Within the sessions the children worked on recognising strengths, decision making and connecting with others.  The children increased their weekly activity levels and their confidence grew throughout the programme.

On completion each child was presented with a certificate in their school assembly and it has been reported that the number of children using other facilities in the leisure centre has since increased. The team hope to continue the partnership with the community hub and local schools to build a transition pathway and to work on areas such as ‘managing exam stress through physical activity’ in the future.

Gateway – Active Tendring & Active Colchester

We have been commissioned by Active Networks to expand our model externally to local gateway organisations. The agreement hopes that SFC staff members attend external groups to support with the introduction of sport and physical activity within their environment with hard to reach groups. This outreach opportunity aims to create a transitional pathway to supporting individuals to understand the benefits or sport and physical activity to then want to start attending mainstream SFC sessions at the leisure centres.

Coaching Practice Placements

Sport for Confidence have been given funding by the Sport England Innovation Fund to run Coaching Practice Placements. Open to 40 coaches in its first intake, the 40-hour programme gives sports coaches access to training modules and hands on experience working with allied health professionals with the focus on becoming a more inclusive and accessible sports coach.

The initiative, which is underway for the first time with a full cohort, is being delivered in partnership with Active Essex. The placement involves a group induction, self-study and a selection of four six-hour modules, a self-directed task and a coach evaluation.

An independent evaluation of the initiative, will enable us to evidence and learn from the outcomes that the practice placement initiative aims to achieve, with a vision to seek funding for the initiative to be repeated and broadened to other geographical areas


Boccia England

Since Spring 2018, Sport For Confidence have been consulting to Boccia England in the following ways:

  1. The writing and publication of the Boccia Guide for Occupational Therapists
  2. A defined piece of scoping and piloting work for Boccia England concluding that current evaluation methods and tools were not sufficiently inclusive and accessible.
  3. Securing a fully funded PhD studentship which seeks to develop more inclusive and accessible methods of evaluating participation in sport and physical activity.

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